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Spin-off products

Helping brands & licences develop their offer around their flagship products.


  • Increase your turnover by growing your average customer cart value. 

  • Reach a wider audience with diversified products. 


Auditing and understanding your brand values, target market and the message you’d like to convey to your clients.

We analyse what you’ve done and what worked, to imagine new products that align with market expectations.


  • International experience

  • Market knowledge, in particular for female target clients.
Helping brands to take a step back and look at the bigger picture so they can grow.
un exemple de produit dérivé sous licence


Flagship product : Bear

Spinoff products : Bags, soft toys, backpacks, mugs, keyrings…

Budget :

  • A fixed price depending on the number of hours worked on creating the collection.
  • Or a direct quotation for the selected products within your budget.

Customised Creation

Create a customised product according to precise specifications, based on a photo, a logo or a mascot


  • Help you reflect on how to differentiate yourselves from the competition
  • Be creative and go beyond the
  • usual branded products

Make an impression, while staying within budget


Propose different approaches depending on the client audit.

Submit a design model
Make a prototype before production,in only 2 weeks
Make and follow the order; monitor quality and international logistics


You’ll benefit from my creativity, my international network, particularly in Asia, and my experience.

Together we’ll create a unique product, in any material, within 3 to 5 weeks maximum.

exemple de création sur mesure

Case study : CHANEL

Flagship product : Lipstick

Creation : A bespoke USB key packaged in the iconic Chanel lipstick case.

Budget : A budget in line with the brand and project constraints.

SPOTLIGHT ON a branded product

Maybe you don’t want to create a new product, but you’d rather personalise an item with your brand or product colours, to remain consistent with your market and target audience.

MS INTERNATIONAL offers you + 10 000 personalisable products in stock in our catalogue or on our site.

Depending on your needs, we can suggest the best solutions for your budget, timeline and market
exemple d'objets personnalisés

Customer loyalty-building

Building customer loyalty costs 5 times less than finding new customers!
According to McKinsey & Company, the likelihood of selling new products to your existing customers is 60 to 70%.


  • Build loyalty with your clients every time they buy in your store or online.
  • Give them a gift or offer it with a special price when they order.
  • Build loyalty at a trade fair, conference, inauguration, company anniversary, street marketing campaign, or competition on social media.

You have infinite possibilities !


Audit, and understanding your brand values, your target customers and the message you want to convey.
Analyse what you’ve already done and what worked, to come up with new product or gift ideas.


Through our experience, market knowledge and creativity, you can differentiate yourself and continuously delight your customers.

The bonus ? Brainstorming with the marketing department and a deep-dive into the N+1 marketing plan.
Un exemple de cadeau pour fidéliser sa clientèle


Context : Cosmetic brand

Concept & implementation : Creation of an earrings and pendant set offered for any online purchase. For 10 € extra, the customer could buy the matching bracelet. Rose quartz jewellery creation with certificate of authenticity. Packaging creation.

Budget for the rose quartz set: 15 000 pcs at 2 € pièce. Lead time of 5 weeks. 

Prototype Creation

A prototype is the very first example of a product or a project,
which can be used to test features and identify flaws.


Turn an idea or a concept into reality !

Promote your business, from patent application to finished product.


Specification and budget analysis

Model designed to validate the concept.

Réalisation du prototype en 2 à 3 semaines


I can guarantee you a fast turnaround, thanks to my network of professionals, grown over many years.
All products are feasible! We can create your product using whatever materials you choose.


Customer : Bakery

Concept & implemention : Creation of a bag to go inside bakery baskets, to prevent the bread from coming into contact with the floor. We were able to meet all the specifications: dimensions and using specific materials (breathable paper)

Budget : a fixed price depending on the product complexity, from 250 € net

Product sourcing


Be at the forefront of your market, while controlling quality and your budget.

Find the best materials, best manufacturers and keep costs down.


Tracking down a product spotted by you, or implementing a bespoke project. .

Finding new suppliers and trying things that haven’t been done before.

Managing the international logistics and quality control.


To be your eyes and ears at international trade fairs, particularly in Asia, as your outsourced purchasing service working to precise specifications.

We help you to expand your product range and find new supplier partnerships.

MS International réalise le sourcing pour tous vos projets


Concept & implementation : Indoor and outdoor office furniture to equip a 3000 m2 start-up incubator building.
Carpeting, LED tiles, desks, chairs and furniture for the rooftop and break room. All shipped internationally.

Budget : Fixed price for the strategy and sourcing plus a 15% commission on purchases, order confirmation, logistics and quality control.