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Studio Ana'e - Aude Livoreil - Founder

I needed an elegant way to make my teammates more visible for our customers. Susana proposed a nice jewel for my team to wear on their clothes.
The order was rapid, with a good price and my whole team loved it !

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Keep ahead of your competition by always being at the forefront of innovation.


Increase your turnover and your customers’ average cart value with premium products that complement your existing offers.


Save time by outsourcing purchasing to one contact, who will keep within your budget.

The history of trade is the history of communication between people.

- Montesquieu

French Philosopher

EXPERTISE born out of a long experience

Portrait of the founder

I’ve been developing my international business skills for over 20 years, with passion and determination. 

Finding solutions from around the world, taking on challenges, responding to all kinds of requests, speaking the same language as my clients, adapting to different markets...these are the reasons why I’m excited to go to work every morning.  

What do I love about my job? 

Building relationships with my customers and suppliers, but above all, contributing to the long-term relationships between my customers and their customers.

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By asking the right questions , I find new ideas and great-fit products.


I give you the opportunity to transform your first idea into tangible products.

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