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Derivative Products: Royal Family, City of Paris… How Institutions Ride the Wave of Object Marketing?

Derivative Products: Royal Family, City of Paris… How Institutions Ride the Wave of Object Marketing? Museums, metropolises, and cities, National Parks, Universities… These public life actors enjoy a strong attachment from their visitors and users. Some rally around strong values, and shared memories, while others are a true national pride. Yet, institutions have “nothing to sell” except an experience, a public service. Buying and wearing their derivative products is, above all, a claim of belonging to a group, as perfectly demonstrated by the success of RATP’s online store. Discover in this article how institutions, now convinced of the importance of brand communication, are increasingly seizing the “souvenir” business. Cultural and Territorial Institutions: Brands Like Any Other? Commercial Challenges Major world metropolises, national museums, and even the Royal Family of England… None of these institutions can escape the three major challenges faced by any commercial enterprise: Image (enhancing intangible heritage and asserting identity) Notoriety (fostering visitor/user loyalty, turning them into ambassadors) Revenue (diversifying income sources to secure turnover) In the marketing world, few levers simultaneously address these three challenges, except for the creation of licensed derivative products (distinguished from promotional goodies). The Principle of Licensed Derivative Products This allows exploiting the full potential of a brand through a strategy with minimal risks: the brand grants a license to a company that bears all the financial costs to market products in its image. In return, the brand receives a royalty on the sale of these derivative products. Used for a long time in the entertainment world (movies, video games…), the creation of licensed derivative products is relatively recent for all institutional life actors. However, this approach has the primary advantage of turning communication not into an expense but a potential source of income! The British monarchy has long benefited from the economic repercussions through its line of derivative products marketed by the Royal Collection Trust. In 2022, during the jubilee celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign, the royal family sold €330 million worth of derivative products. A record sum for a lucrative business reignited with each birth, marriage, or scandal within The Firm. Territorial Marketing: The Success Story of the City of Paris City of Paris logo “I love New York” logo Paris, the first French city to develop its derivative product license Following the example of the State of New York, which has been developing and exploiting its “I Love New York” brand since 1977 to promote tourism, the city of Paris was the first in France to understand the interest of creating and marketing a line of licensed derivative products by launching its online store in… 2013! Indeed, under the impetus of Gildas Robert, Head of the Marketing and Communication Department of the Paris City Hall Brands, the French capital has developed a commercial brand (City of Paris) separate from the Paris City Hall institution. The goal? To embody the values cherished by Parisians and the numerous visitors to the city: the elegance, romance, and prestige of Paris through quality products. Fashion, gastronomy, and culture play a predominant role in the developed product range.  The City of Paris, a Brand in Symbiosis with its Territory Teas, chocolates, and coffees featuring Parisian monuments with the century-old brand Comptoirs Richard, By Tiline faience, Nada leather goods, stationery… In 2017, the City of Paris launched its “Made in Paris” label to highlight local creators and the know-how of Parisian artisans. The key concept of City of Paris licensed products: quality! According to Gildas Robert, the brand aims to fight against standardization by offering prestigious, local, and refined products. A comprehensive strategic approach that gives the brand its reputation and ensures the success of its catalog. Credit photo : Arborescence Agency Building Your Brand with Institutional Derivative Products Valuing the Intangible through Brands Like the City of Paris, thinking about the brand is an indispensable preliminary step in any derivative product creation strategy. France, lagging on institutional brands, is now taking the issue seriously, notably thanks to the APIE (State Intangible Heritage Agency). Indeed, as indicated in its practical guide for creating derivative products, the goal is no longer to sell souvenirs in museum shops today but to create strong and identifiable brands carrying values. This work is necessary to develop sustainable marketing strategies and to valorize the intangible heritage of museums, universities, and even the French army. The success of this approach depends on the visibility, notoriety, and financial security of these institutions, both domestically and internationally. Preliminary Questions In its guide, APIE defines three essential steps to implement an effective strategy: Define objectives: notoriety, brand image enhancement, brand image flexibility… Know its legitimacy territory: what is the core business of the brand? Anticipate public expectations: what types of products do brand users prioritize? Therefore, it is only possible to move on to the design of collections after answering these questions through in-depth brand work. This reflection allows prioritizing the products with the best potential in their market: the most anticipated, the most representative… Examples of Heritage Derivative Products Souvenir of the coronation of Charles III. A mass-market derivative product strategy.Credit Photo: Screenshot from www.monarchiebritannique.com www.monarchiebritannique.com Jewelry in collaboration with Médecine Douce, inspired by the iconic architecture of the Orsay Museum. Credit Photo: Screenshot from www.boutiquesdemusees.fr HEC textile line: sober and unisex clothing in the style of Ivy League Universities. Credit Photo: Screenshot from https://boutique-hec.fr A clothing line for men: « The timeless pilot’s wardrobe developed by the partners of the Patrouille de France. ». Credit Photo: Screenshot from https://boutiquedelapatrouilledefrance.fr An exclusive series of plates depicting Marie-Antoinette handmade by the Faïencerie de Gien in Loiret, to showcase French craftsmanship. Credit Photo: Screenshot from www.boutique-chateauversailles.fr The Cluny Museum develops an accessory line inspired by medieval craftsmanship and the most famous works of the Museum. Credit Photo: Screenshot from www.boutiquesdemusees.fr Once again, derivative products prove their ability to create connections. They allow institutions to control their brand image and protect themselves from inevitable counterfeits. By generating a new type of income, derivative products enable

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Le goodies d'entreprise : sélection d'objet publicitaire pour le bureau

Corporate Gifts: A Practical Guide to a Profitable Investment

Corporate Gifts: A Practical Guide to a Profitable Investment Corporate gifts, also known as promotional items, business gifts, or promotional gifts, are personalized objects bearing a company’s colors used to establish connections with your clients, prospects, and even internally with your teams.Whether you’re searching for year-end gifts for your clients, seminar souvenirs for your employees, or original ideas to offer at a trade show: you’re in the right place!MS International specializes in promotional items and offers you a catalog of over 10,000 references.You’re sure to find the idea that sets you apart.But before placing your order, here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding all the advantages of corporate gifts, as well as best practices to ensure a guaranteed return on investment. Corporate Gifts: Boosting Your Employer Brand The Perfect Onboarding Kit! An emotional communication support par excellence, corporate gifts are now moving beyond marketing departments to conquer the realms of human resources and internal communication. Promotional items allow companies to build connections, foster lasting attachment, and convey a strong identity message. These are valuable assets when it comes to rallying employees or integrating a new member into the team. The uses of corporate gifts for employer branding are endless. An excellent way to mark the company’s life in a thousand and one ways: Organizing seminars with the creation of logoed textile articles (T-shirts, caps, tote bags…) Welcoming a new employee with a Welcome Pack or welcome box (pen, agenda, mug, keychain, charger, USB key…) Commemorating a company anniversary or a highlight event such as year-end celebrations, March 8th… Thanking your employees, retirement, maternity leave return, promotions… Corporate gifts strengthen employer branding, improve satisfaction, and boost employee motivation. The company shows its appreciation and reinforces team members’ sense of belonging. A good way to enhance quality of work life and recognition towards your collaborators. Corporate Gifts & CSR Policy Can sustainability and promotional items go hand in hand?  As surprising as it may seem: the answer is YES! CSR managers now have access to recyclable products, made from recycled materials, durable, and of high quality to equip their employees. Reusable items (mugs, cups, water bottles…), solar energy, renewable materials, help reduce the carbon footprint of your office items while conveying the message of eco-responsibility and waste reduction. Need inspiration? Discover the MS International eco-responsible range: recycled materials, recyclable products, and renewable materials, available on over 5,900 products. Discover our eco-friendly products The Benefits of Corporate Gifts in Customer Loyalty Eco-responsible promotional items for cosmetic brands Giving to receive: the mechanics of promotional gifts Corporate gifts, end-of-year client thank you, rewards following a first purchase… Personalized gifts are a well-known attachment vector for businesses. A loyalty lever that allows you to stand out and leave a lasting impression : The public will keep (77%) and use (67%) your promotional items for a long time (up to 5 years). Promotional gifts increase brand memorability and improve the brand’s image among its customers, who are then more likely to renew their purchase or recommend the company to others. Putting Emotion at the Heart of Customer Relations By creating a personalized and privileged relationship with your customers, you meet their growing affinity needs. MS International’s diverse offering allows you to mark any item, thus meeting the desires of very different target audiences, respecting their values. Ultra-personalization allows you to refine your message even further. A good way to hit the mark every time and impress your customers. Regardless of their tastes or your brand positioning, you can adapt your promotional item communication strategy: high tech, ecology, textiles, cosmetics, jewelry… Your customer experience is enriched with emotions at every step of the journey. By creating regular appointments, you write a shared story that lasts over time. An essential sense of attachment in any loyalty strategy. Acquiring New Customers Through Promotional Items The ideal textile accessory: the branded 100% cotton cap Events, trade shows, marketing operations… Distributed for free, corporate gifts primarily have a promotional objective: 64% of advertisers who offer gift items do so at events, 18% do so to promote their products/services. Promotional gifts remain popular with consumers Overall stable since 2016, the French promotional items market retains a special place in consumers’ hearts. As the third media support used by brands, it withstands extremely well the digital wave that has engulfed marketing practices in recent years. Thus, faced with the decline of traditional media (advertising, press, radio, TV…), promotional items represent a real safe haven when it comes to acquiring new customers. 89% of French people have a favorable opinion of a promotional item received, and 78% remember the brand associated with a promotional item. Creative and Infinitely Declinable, Corporate Gifts Allow You to Surprise Your Prospects with a Product That Matches Trends and Their Desires, Provided You Respect Certain Criteria. Criteria for Choosing a Good Corporate Gift The scented candle: the essential well-being promotional item Utility, durability, and quality: the first criteria for choosing a promotional item Being memorable, standing out from the competition, creating attachment… All of these objectives are perfectly achievable with a well-executed promotional item marketing campaign. Nevertheless, consumers will favor brands offering useful, good quality, and durable promotional items. A reflection of the brand, its values, and the quality of its products or services, a well-chosen promotional item improves the company’s image for 78% of those who receive them. Don’t neglect your promotional item communication strategy. Ethical, ecological, Made in France, inclusive… These values, important to your customers, must be reflected in the item representing your brand. For 65%, a poor-quality item tarnishes the company’s image and leads them not to invest in it. A promotional item must therefore first and foremost have real utility for the recipient, but also be capable of lasting, to be kept as long as possible. Calculating the Return on Investment of Corporate Gifts It’s difficult to establish a precise and quantified ROI (Return On Investment) for a promotional item marketing campaign. Nevertheless, it’s possible to calculate the number of prospects or business opportunities

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Petite pochette aux couleurs de Coca-Cola en vinyle

Customized Merchandise: Choose Creativity

Customized Merchandise: Choose Creativity Customized merchandise is often confused with promotional items, which simply involve placing your logo on a product that is already designed and manufactured in large quantities (and therefore probably already offered by your competitors). Generally more sought after and refined than simple promotional items, customized merchandise created specifically for you usually fits into a comprehensive marketing strategy. In short, customized merchandise is a fabulous revenue multiplier and a booster of visibility… provided you master all the intricacies. Who is Customized Merchandise Creation For? Quite simply, for all companies that want to differentiate themselves and offer a creative solution to their clients: Brands Foster customer loyalty, surprise them, and expand your range with well-targeted quality customized merchandise. Truly differentiate yourself from the competition! Contact Communication Agencies Find a partner who co-creates customized merchandise and promotional gifts with you, a specialist in import-export who manages all logistics for you and saves you valuable time. Contact Internal Communication Surprise your employees with a unique gift: welcome packs, seminars, acknowledgments… Develop your employer brand and foster team loyalty! Contact The Advantages of Customized Merchandise Manufacturing Stand out and leave a lasting impression ! The creation of objects or collections of objects outside the catalog knows no bounds. Everything is possible! Materials, shapes, colors, size… Customized merchandise creation allows you not to limit yourself to an existing catalog. Thus, you can imagine products truly in line with your image, your target audience, and your marketing objectives. Starting from a simple logo, your mascot, a drawing, or simply an idea, MS International accompanies you to develop your project and make it possible within the defined deadlines and budget. The interest of customized merchandise compared to promotional items? Originality! Faced with increasingly demanding and informed customers, it is essential to stand out, to create attachment. Thus, whether it’s gifts or the creation of complementary products, the classic promotional item will not fulfill its mission: making an impression and making your brand a reference in its field. Be inventive, become desirable! A Brilliant Publicity Stunt or Conquering a New Market, Here Are Some Perfectly Successful Examples of Customized Merchandise Creations Serving a Bold Marketing Strategy : In 2017, Evian partnered with the streetwear brand RAD to release a capsule collection with, among other things, giant tote bags and “oversized” t-shirts, in perfect harmony with their well-known icons: the babies. The idea behind this campaign by BETC: “When you’re a baby, everything seems oversized.” Brilliant! The bottled water brand manages to surprise while remaining true to its values and rather urban image. The fearless German discounter Lidl needs no introduction. The brand with a low-cost image, however, managed to become a cool ambassador among young urbanites, thanks to its range of customized merchandise: sneakers, socks, flip-flops… Today sold at a premium on the Internet. A good example of tailor-made creation serving an overall upscale strategy. Finally, like the Hard Rock Café, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021 with a plethora of t-shirts and mugs, customized merchandise has become a real underlying trend in the restaurant industry since the COVID crisis. A way for restaurateurs to supplement their income and maintain their community of engaged customers vis-à-vis their brand.  Customized Merchandise at Every Stage of Your Customer Journey Customized merchandise is of higher quality than goodies and allows you to capitalize on your brand by creating unique products, in your image. An original way to reach the heart of your target audience at every stage of their purchasing journey: Create a rendezvous with your most loyal customers by offering a limited edition product regularly. Diversify your income with a personalized merchandise store, and trigger additional sales that boost your revenue. Imagine original and unique gifts to offer at your events, seminars, or trade shows. Launch a striking operation as part of an advertising campaign. MS International: Your Trusted Partner from Idea to Delivery A tailor-made service at the service of your creativity. While MS International offers a catalog of promotional items with over 10,000 products in stock, for all budgets, we are primarily specialists in custom creation. Together, we create the unique model that will showcase your company and perfectly target your clients’ needs. Respecting your deadlines and constraints, your budget… MS International is able to meet the most demanding specifications (materials, quality, design…), and supports you on all your projects, even the wildest ones! Plus: you benefit from our perfect knowledge of markets and international logistics issues. Our goal: to allow you to unleash your imagination! Creating a Customized Merchandise in Practice During your collaboration with MS International, you are accompanied from the reflection and framing of the project, to benefit from our experience and creativity. We then offer you different options and submit a design mockup. Upon approval, we manage the prototype production in just 15 days before production. MS International then manages the order with manufacturers for you, and international logistics to save you valuable time, especially in administrative formalities.   Network, experience, and creativity… With MS International, you create a unique product in just 3 to 5 weeks! Any questions? Any project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Photo Credits: Crystal Jo, Hamza Nouasria, Enrique Guzman Egas, Xiao Dacunha via Unsplash. Adobe Stock. EvianxRAD. Lidl. Contact Ms International

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